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Customer Testimonials

  • Service Quality
    Its not just the Product quality, but quality of Service is too good. I am highly impressed and look forward for continuation of this standard. ...»

    Rohit Dwivedi Bangalore
  • The genius store
    The genius store cadlle, they're running out of you. ...»

    Ferdz ag3dSjrRre
  • Good point. I hadn't
    Good point. I hadn't thughot about it quite that way. :) ...»

    Dest LilP1j1h
  • Amazing website and collection
    This is one of the best fashion portal I have seen in quite some time, my next purchase is surely coming from ...»

    Amit Faridabad
  • A concept store for corporate women..
    Here we go with Tops & accessories on; I'd like to congratulate you, as much as I'd like to thank you, for achieving what I was certain was unachievable in India considering many aspects. Your product line is thoughtful, content, beautiful and fashionable. It gives dignity to us "corporate & seated job clientele" like nothing before it. In a way, it's like permission to be fashionable and feel good about how we look. In short, it feels like a adorable gift and for that I am grateful. ...»

    Debbie Murphy, Mumbai
  • Never feel distant from stop solution to all needs
    In today’s men’s world where women need to be dressed fashionably & distinctively yet decent and elegant to mark & dignify their presence, I struggled to find suitable clothing for outings after my return to India from a short stint in Dubai where you can see glimpse of every international labels & designs at affordable prices, until I came to know about casual & party dresses at as a fast growing online fashion portal in India our ours likeminded people. Their delivery & after sale are simply outstanding. Looking forward to see new designs and prints soon! Anyone who needs assistance with dressing etc. needs to contact to make their life easier; I know they've helped me! Their after sale service is fantastic; do write them your suggestion/requirement/feedback and rest assured you’ll be content. ...»

    Deepa Kumaran,Banglore
  • You're the grtaetse!
    You're the grtaetse! JMHO [url=]ywgmbvfceut[/url] [link=]ibrtlxjn[/link] ...»

    Kalie vRbF985vY
  • Bought product today and got it delivered next day
    One of the remarkable product delivery period, I purchased the product and it got delivered next day. And the quality of the product delivered was amazing. Will always consider before any other portal. ...»

    Megha Verma Bangalore
  • Endless possibilities in collection with prompt customer support
    My name is Laura Redwood and I have been living in India for almost two years. I was extremely excited when I discovered and her adaptable & contemporary clothing line. I immediately visited their website to see what they have for me; I discovered the possibilities were endless and I couldn't believe it that somebody had finally thought of bringing international fashion into India at very affordable prices considering about trials and tribulations that a woman goes through trying to find proper fitted clothing. They have free sizes also which compliment to your body. I liked their long dresses but my favorite item they suggested me so far is Capri crinkled dress during my pregnancy; I now do not mind shopping at since their delivery & customer service is very prompt with personal touch. They have also thought of all the little things needed/required to make it extremely easy to get dressed plus the clothing line is very stylish. ...»

    Laura Redwood, Def Col
  • Long gowns
    I've bought leopard gown for my wife on our 4th anniversary, and she's very happy that I choose the product which is quite rare in local market.......thanks ...»

    Amerjeet New Delhi